ALONE from Animal on Vimeo.

‘Alone’ is an experimental exploration of who we are when no one is watching: the freedom we experience, and the loneliness—the way we sing, dance, love, cry, and dream when we are alone.

 Jim Staus Vs. UPMC

Jim Staus vs. UPMC from Phinehas Hodges on Vimeo.

Supply clerk Jim Staus was fired not long after he wore a union button to his job at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. After the ensuing year-long litigation, UPMC offered Jim a significant financial settlement to walk away.

We captured Jim’s story as he struggled with the decision to accept the money, or to fight on, in hopes of better jobs for generations to come.

Special thanks to Jim, Cindy, and Defacto Sound.

 Blood Brother

Blood Brother is the story of a group of children infected with HIV and Rocky Braat, a disenchanted young American that met them while drifting through India.